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Scholarships & Bursaries

Recipients for Alzheimer’s’ Conference passes
Jennifer Hayes
Nida Beck
Bonnie Potter
Ester Stamm
Belinda Pangilinan

NSGNA Scholarship and Bursary History
2020 ($750.00)
Dana McNamara-Morse $250
Anita MacKinnon $250
Susan Savage $250

2018-2019 ($750.00)
Gloria Connolly $250 Bursary towards CNA recertification in gerontology
Jennifer Hayes $250 (same as above)
Gillian Neilson $250 toward BScN course

2017 - 2018

none awarded

2016 - 2017
none awarded

2015 - 2016
none awarded

2014 - 2015 ($250.00)
May 5, 2015 Gillian Nelson

2013- 2014 ($750.00)
Gloria Connolly $250.00 Bursary towards CNA certification in gerontology
Elaine Nicholson $250.00 Scholarship towards Masters in Nursing
Dianne Arden $250.00 Scholarship towards Certiification in the Virtual Dementia Tour

2012- 2013
Elaine Nicholson applied for scholarship but did not qualify as not a member long enough

2011-2012 ($1357.27)
Julie Sutherland-Jotchan $1058.27 Bursary for travel and conference
Chatel Bishop $299.00. For CNA certification

2010-2011 ($1278.00)
Gloria Connolly $79.00
Ruth Slack $514.00 towards CGNA certification
Virginia Deeble $685.00 towards cost of an university course

Virginia Deeble $600.00. scholarship towards BScN
Kathy Aucoin $514.15 bursary towards CNA certification in gerontology

No applicants

NSGNA Scholarship

This scholarship is offered annually to NSGNA members for continuing education.
Scholarship Application Form
Scholarship Criteria

NSGNA Certification Bursary

The certification in bursary is award to an individual who is writing the CNA Certification in Gerontological for the first time (not recertification). Applicants must meet the bursary criteria.
Certification Bursary Criteria and Application Form

Conference Bursary

The award of monies for conference bursaries for members of NSGNA travelling for business and/or participation in meetings or events related to NSGNA may be considered. Members must meet bursary criteria.

Conference Bursary Criteria and Application Form